Transfer Music/Playlists to Your Mac, and Backward

  • Effortlessly transfer almost everything between Mac and your iPod, iPhone, iPad - better than Senuti for Windows. It's Wondershare TunesGo (Windows).
  • Recover music, playlist, video to iTunes and Mac.
  • Export iPod/iPhone/iPad files to iTunes for backup.
  • Easily transfer files from iPod to other iPod/iPhone/iPad.

Operating Systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP, iOS 5 or Later (iOS 9)

only $39.95

Why You Need Senuti for Windows?

Senuti (iTunes in reverse) is initially a free Mac exclusively application to copy music from iPod to a Mac computer, which was developed by a high school senior called Whitney Young. Senuti is now a commercial application that sold by FadingRed. Whitney Young is the co-founder. Senuti only runs on Mac OS X (10.5 or later, iOS 9 included). Although iTunes works on Mac and Windows, this "reverse" only services Mac users. Sorry, PC users.

We're here to help PC users. What's the best Senuti for Windows alternative to recover and transfer your music, playlist and video to PC? Wondershare TunesGo is the answer.

Transfer Everything without iTunes

  • Transfer iPod/iPhone/iPad files to computer
  • Import computer files to iOS device, making anything compatible with your device.
  • Transfer files between iPod, iPhone and iPad devices effortlessly.
  • Recover playlist and easily transfer music to your PC.

Manage iPod/iPhone/iPad Content Easily

  • Preview music, video, photo with built-in player.
  • Edit music ID3 tag.
  • Quickly find your music/video/image files by keywords.
  • Supports all iPod/iPhone/iPad models.

Convert Files for iPod/iPhone/iPad

  • Convert DVD to play on your iPod/iPhone/iPad
  • Convert videos in iPod/iPhone/iPad incompatible format to compatible format.
  • Include any regular video editing tools to make perfect videos for iPod/iPhone/iPad.
  • Make iPhone ringtones with any video/audio file.

Download   File Size: 36 Mb

Note that some antivirus software might give warning message while installing the driver service. Please click Allow. The software has been strictly tested and scanned for virus-free purpose before release and uploading to the download server.

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